Whether you lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 5 inches or 10 inches they are all personal achievements and one step closer to your personal goals. What I want is for people to learn the importance of eating lean, I want them to feel how the body feels and performs when given proper nutrition; it really is a world of a difference. It also makes me incredibly happy when people are excited and pleased with their progress. Please enjoy reading the testimonials below of every day people changing their lives for the better.


I have always been an active person, I have been doing CrossFit for 4 years, and I have a normal diet. But last summer I ended up eating less healthy and I gained weight. I wanted to start a diet to feel like my old self and feel good about my body again. 

I signed up for a 4-week program with Morgan to get back on track. First impression was that she really listened to what my goals was and what I liked of food, and what I don’t like as much. So I felt like the meal plan was tailored exactly to me. The recipes were easy to follow and even though the meal prep took some time it was not difficult recipes.

The food was good, and I never walked around feeling hungry. I also didn’t experience to much cravings for sweets because of the fruit that was on my meal plan.

 Another thing I liked was that she included supplements like vitamins, and fish oils and how much of these I should take. She also always answered the question I had regarding my diet and food prep.

 After starting the diet, I saw results quick. I have done other meal plans earlier but never had so remarkable results like I had this time. This also made me feel more motivated to continue.

 After the 4 weeks I had lost 8 lbs and a total of 9.5 inches, something I was really happy about, and most importantly I felt really good. I was also thinking that this is something I can maintain in the long run.  

Stine, 4 weeks


This past year, my wife and I started the most exciting chapter of our lives and welcomed a new baby boy.  Juggling work and now even more life responsibilities, proper diet fell by the wayside.  I’ve always been fairly educated on what I needed to eat but sometimes temptation prevailed.  Now with new motivation in the form of our bundle of joy, I reached out to Morgan for guidance.

                Morgan’s approach was comfortable and unique.  I’ve experimented with paleo, keto, zone and many other “programs” but found that Morgan’s was extremely easy to follow and understand.  She asked the right questions, learning about my likes, habits and preferences and crafted my weekly meal plans.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to stay on track.  Her meals were easy to prep, filling and provided with just enough variety to allow me to have the things I prefer, yet never allowed me to get bored.  

                The results were impressive.  Within the first two weeks I began to notice differences in the fit of my clothes and surely these differences were confirmed when Morgan performed her bi-weekly measurements.  Overall I can say that this experience was extremely positive and I would encourage anyone struggling with getting on the right path to give it a try.  Her guidance has encouraged me to make permanent changes that don’t believe I will ever give up.  To this day (two months after this program’s end) I still meal prep my weekly meals every Sunday.

                In the end, I’ve lost 15 lbs but more importantly a total of 13.75’’ off of my body measurements.  I am extremely happy with my performance and with Morgan’s guidance and will continue to utilize what I’ve learned.  Thank you Morgan!

-Frank, 8 Weeks


I had the good fortune to work with Morgan for a four week meal plan that I started when I was 2 months postpartum. I am no stranger to dialing things in when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I've been with Crossfit Greenpoint for over five years and had already trained during my pregnancy with my first son and afterwards as well. For the time after my second pregnancy I definitely needed some outside assistance because I didn't have the time or energy to get it together. Morgan and I discussed my desire to make sure that my milk supply would not be affected and she was aware that I was staying away from supplements and protein powders while nursing.

The weekly meal plans that Morgan sent me were amazing - full of variety so I was never bored, lots of easy and delicious recipes that I've incorporated into my regular meal rotation, and a plan tailored exactly for me. I didn't experience any dip or drop in my milk supply and found that I was actually eating more food and better quality food because I had cooked and portioned everything out at the beginning of each week. It was so helpful to have meals ready to go while being busy taking care of an infant and a preschooler. At the end of the four weeks I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor and I was pleasantly surprised at the visit to find that I was only two pounds above my prepregnancy weight. I can definitely attribute this to Morgan! 

- Sharon, 4 weeks (Postpartum)


EMERGE was exactly the catalyst in my fitness routine to make real, sustainable change.

I’ve never been an athlete, and I don’t come from a family that’s focused on nutrition or fitness. The metabolism I was born with has always made maintaining my weight a challenge. I have the mental discipline and ambition to overcome that obstacle, but I’ve always struggled sustaining my results. 

I was working some serious hours at my first job in NYC and had neither the time or energy to focus. About two years into living in NYC, I was well out of shape, but had just moved one block away from Crossfit Greenpoint. I decided it was a sign. So I joined the gym and went couch to CrossFit in July 2016. I tried my hand at creating my own macro-based meal plan at the beginning of 2017 in the CrossFit Greenpoint Nutrition Challenge. I saw some decent results and lost around 12 pounds. 

I was feeling pretty good, but the problem was I just ate the same menu for 12 weeks straight. It was miserable. I lacked the creativity and confidence to mix up the menu. I felt discouraged that there was little I could do to change the variety without sacrificing the nutritional aspects of my diet. I felt confined to just grilled chicken breast and broccoli for every meal. So naturally when it ended, I moved towards a more causal approach to my diet. I focused on eating salads for lunch and just sticking to menu items that seemed “generally healthy”, focusing very little on portion control or ingredients that went into cooking (e.g. sodium, butter, etc.).

Despite continuing to do CrossFit consistently 4-5 times a week, I casually gained 25 pounds over the course of the next seven months. When the holidays came around and I couldn’t fit into my pants anymore, I made peace with the fact that I needed to seek out actual nutritional expertise if I was ever going to break out of my decade long cycle of gaining/losing significant weight. Morgan is a coach at CrossFit Greenpoint, and she advertised her program on our Facebook Group.

I signed up for an 8 week EMERGE program with Morgan and immediately saw results. Like I said, I have the mental discipline to follow a strict meal plan, but I needed expert guidance to set me on a path I felt confident in trusting. It was hard at first, since the calorie reduction was a shock to what I had been eating. The first three days of a 1,900-calorie diet felt like I was Ewen McGregor in Trainspotting coming down from heroin withdrawls, which is a sad testament to how much I must’ve been eating on my own. Once I broke through that wall, it was a breeze. The constant variation and delicious recipes made eating healthy easy. For the first time in my life, I was on a diet where I didn’t feel restricted to monotonous, bland food. The results were so significant after the first 8 weeks, I signed up for another 8 weeks without hesitation. I was on a roll and didn’t want to lose momentum. Morgan helped me switch up my calorie/macros twice during the 16 weeks. Once to lower my calorie count to break through a plateu and a second time to increase my carb % to increase my energy levels. She was extremely attentive and responsive, fielding any and all questions I had. By the end of the 16 weeks, I had lost 24 pounds and 27 inches in total, breaking through the 170 pound threshold for the first time in nearly a decade. 

The best part about it all is that I truly feel it is maintainable and Morgan took extra time, effort to ensure that I was fully equipped to maintain the diet on my own going forward after the program ended. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for real, immediate results that are sustainable long term.

- Dillon, 16 weeks


I am a first-time mom to a beautiful 18 month old and I was struggling with getting back to feeling like "me", both emotionally and physically. I knew I had to make a change in my life.

That lead me to reach out for help- well reach out to Morgan 😊

I asked her to help me so I could make a change in my life and habits of eating, and that I wanted to challenge myself before I turned 35 (November 9th,2017). So I basically had 6 weeks and chose her 6 week challenge program.

I have always been very active but never seriously tried to take nutrition to the next level in terms of "learning how to eat"- not starving myself, to make improvements in my body, which automatically in my case, would improve my mind. 

That was the best decision I could have made.

The first week was challenging because I wasn't used to prepping meals and I had to figure out how to do so while having a toddler. It also made me realize how pour my eating habits were. I was focusing 100% on taking care of my son and forgot about how to take care of myself. Big mistake to all the mom's or mom's to be out there 😊

After the first week, I was able to organize myself and things started to fall into place. 

I'm trilled with the results and I'm very thankful for Morgan's help. 

She helped me most importantly mentally and of course physically. 

I feel more balanced in my life  now that I've gone through her program and learned from it. I don't just feel stronger physically but also mentally. It has allowed me to feel 100% better with myself, and made me a better mom to my son. 

Morgan is very sweet, caring and devoted to what she does. She is highly knowledgeable. She provided weekly diverse meal plans and would always check in with me to make sure I was doing well with the program

I highly recommend Morgan if you are ready to make a change in your life.

-Karine, 6 weeks

IMG_5992 copy.jpg

Growing up, I never really had to worry about what I ate because I was always playing sports, and that mindset carried over into college. However, after I stopped playing basketball for hours a day, my eating and drinking habits remained the same and I packed on the pounds. A few months later, I graduated school, moved to New York, realized I wasn’t feeling good about myself, and began a seven-year obsession with attempts to lose weight.

During those years, I constantly thought about what I could and couldn’t eat, which new diet would be the most successful, how quickly I could lose the weight, etc. There were so many times when I would begin a plan, not see enough change, give up hope, and completely abandon all efforts.

I finally reached the realization that I needed to focus on the long-term, but didn’t know how to get started. Two of my very good friends had worked with Morgan and their rave reviews convinced me to give EMERGE a shot.

Morgan was amazing. She explained macros and created a detailed, personalized meal plan for me. I never felt hungry – sometimes it was tough to even finish everything – and the meals were delicious. After four weeks, I decided to extend the plan for another six weeks since not only was I seeing good results, I also felt better overall.

As much as I wanted to be 100% on point with my meal prep and workouts, there were times when I would take a week or two off and then slowly jump back in. Morgan assured me that there was no such thing as a perfect client, and that the most important thing was that I was learning and growing with this experience. She helped me to not revert back to my “all hope is lost give up and dive into the chocolate” mindset I’ve held onto for the years.

While I may not have reached my goals yet, my obsession has waned and I’ve become so much more focused on my long-term health and wellness. Morgan has been an incredible resource for me, and I know I can go to her whether or not I’m in the middle of the program. I tell anyone who will listen about how EMERGE, and can’t thank Morgan enough for what she’s done for me!

-Nicole, 10 weeks

"EMERGE basically changed my life for the better.

When I first met Morgan at a CrossFit box, my body was a mess.  I was working an insane number of hours, overweight, and definitely not eating right.  Couple months of CrossFit later, I was slowly making progress, but I felt like something was still missing.  

After dabbling into long distance running for several years, I had a shallow understanding of the importance of nutrition.  But whatever I was doing was not really working, so I decided to seek out Morgan to dial in my nutrition.  And WOW, what a difference it made!  I had more energy, I trained better, and I was getting leaner.  The result after 4 weeks was simply incredible!

The personalized meal plans I received from Morgan were organized and easy to follow.  OK, I have to admit that I was a little overwhelmed the first week.  However, once I figured out what I needed for the week, and with the help of a kitchen scale, the meal plans were a breeze to follow.  And yes, they were quite delicious and satisfying!

Morgan was there every step of the way.  If I had a question, she was there.  If I needed encouragement, she was there.  Having a nutrition coach is not just a great resource, it also made me accountable for my diet.

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice.  It is a long journey, and I’m humbled to have Morgan in my team."

    -Mike, 4 weeks

"At the beginning of this year, I participated in a Whole 30 challenge with my CrossFit gym and the results were less than desired. 

Although I gained some skills in the kitchen, I actually lost weight and also some progress in the gym. I knew at this point, I wanted some direction on gaining muscle back and lifts at my box. 

Morgan as a nutrition coach just made sense for me. 

Her compassion for each client and attention to detail is astounding. 

With her planning, the recipes were delicious and I even got to eat BACON almost every morning. 

When I started this programming way back on week 1 I had some skepticism, questions and concerns. 

Would I be able to meal prep every week, would I be able to get bigger, how long would it take? 

As a hard gainer, these questions were much more prevalant in my mind.

I am so excited to say that at the start of week 12, I have gained double digits in inches all over and we are still battling for lbs against my super fast metabolism.

All I can say is that there will never be one weigh in with this lifestlye change; I am along for the journey. 

Eat right, get huge, love life! 

I will continue to recommend Morgan to any of my friends who are looking for specific nutrition/fitness goals. 


-Donald, 12 weeks

"Where do I even begin to express what a life changing experience it was to meet Morgan and have her guide my journey toward a life of healthy living and eating!

Morgan's extensive expertise when it comes to food and fitness, her kindness, patience and contagious passion made the 4 weeks I worked with her unforgettable! She was always available for support, to answer questions, to make sure I felt heard! I met Morgan at a time when all I wanted to do was give up but she was not only able to ground me but taught me to have stronger and more positive relationship with food and my body!

From day one Morgan calmed my fears. She met with me and created a personalized meal prep and fitness plan that was realistic for a person like me who was just starting out. She reminded me to take care of myself not just physically but mentally also! She didn't push me, but she guided me at a pace that both challenged me and yet made me feel safe!

Morgan revolutionized my life, got my metabolism going, and got me excited to go to they gym (something I never ever thought would happen)! Her knowledge stays with me daily: the way I eat, the way I work out, the way I approach my health and my body is so POSITIVE because of the work Morgan did with me!

Thank you Morgan for changing my life!"

-Anna, 4 weeks