Overnight Oats and Sweet Potato Wedges

Happy Monday y'all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

This weekend I learned how to throw an axe, chop wood, saw wood and the underhand chop with my good friend Heidi. One of my current nutrition clients is the owner of Project Woodchips, who's current initiative is to bring outdoor activities to the city/Brooklyn; it was so much fun! Project Woodchips is planning to continue the woodsman class once a month at Gotham Archery so if you're at all interested make sure to sign up, the next one is November 18th! Here is a short video to recap the fun Heidi and I had Friday, enjoy! 

Now, to the nutrition stuff! One of my favorite and easy recipes is overnight oats. There are several ways to make them, just make sure you fit everything into your macros :) This is another great recipe for traveling (following my recent travel post here)

Another recipe I've found is Sweet Potato Wedges. Occasionally I get tired of eating the same thing, okay I admit it :( BUT it is easy to find a new way of cooking the foods you eat a lot of by looking up new recipes; this is one of them. You can use Japanese/Oriental Sweet Potatoes (the purple ones) or regular Sweet Potatoes. They're soft on the inside and crispy on the outside - so good!! 

Hope you were able to get in your Sunday night meal prep! It's a new week y'all, take advantage and get your cooking on! Eat real, whole foods!