What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Y'all! Hope everyone is having a great week! 

First blog post of Efficient Macro Energy for Recovery, Gains, and Endurance (EMERGE). You might be thinking what is this? I'd like to take a moment and tell you a little bit about EMERGE. The idea behind EMERGE is to emerge your life style, in a healthy and fun way. It's a way to learn what you are putting into your body and learn how your body reacts to different foods. EMERGE is for EVERYONE; whether you're looking to gain weight, maintain weight or make personal gains. I create meal plans based off of your goals and activity levels. I'll give you a snap shot of what I prepared for myself this week.


I started my week with meal prep on Sunday. Before I get started I like to turn on a good playlist, usually Pandora radio station Missy Elliot, 90s R&B, 90s Pop or Dave Matthews...I'm a nineties kid what can I say? I light some candles and set out all of the food I am about to prepare - I like a little organization before I start. I think of what will need to cook the longest, get that started and then take on the rest of the courses. Make cooking fun! Meal prep is KEY -- your weeks get hectic and things ALWAYS pop up, the last thing I want to do at the end of the workday is cook, so it is nice that I get it all done Sunday. All I end up doing after work is measure out my food for the next day and set in the fridge to grab in the morning before heading to work.


Cooked up a new recipe this week that I also gave to a couple of my clients, I always find recipes for clients but never actually try them for myself. SO this week's new recipe is Turkey Meatloaf, I edited the recipe a little to work with my macro nutrient break down. 

Hope this was a little encouraging for your meal prep this coming Sunday, enjoy the rest of your week!

Eat well. Live well. Be happy.