What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Thursday Y'all! It's almost Friday

How has this week been so far for everyone? Mine has been decent, it's been a slow start to say the least! I had leftovers from last week's plan so I am currently finishing up those, getting ready for more food prep tomorrow. Here's what I ate Wednesday and the rest of the week.

I incorporated a new recipe, Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken Casserole, I changed around the ingredients a bit to fit my macros but it is a really good recipe, especially if you like buffalo chicken wings, NOT quite as good as those but it is a good healthy rendition. I tend to stick to the same food menu through most weeks, but when I find a good recipe, or just get tired of something, I'll include it!

This past weekend I had some friends over for brunch so in prep for the brunch I headed over to Pinterest for some ideas and came out with too many! I put together a Bloody Mary bar and a Mimosa bar, Pinterest is dangerous. Everyone brought a dish and we enjoyed each others company for a few hours. I indulged in EVERYTHING - did not hold back. Hey, sometimes you just have to enjoy life! I had everything from cinnamon roll waffles, to a delicious quiche with hash brown crust, to bagels, to carnitas and guacamole, to sweet potato beef casserole - it was glorious.

I personally have to enjoy the weekends, I don't beat myself up about trying to stay on top of nutrition during the weekends because I want to enjoy being out with friends and their company. So if you veer off don't sweat it, just pick up during the week, with that said get started on that meal prep! 

Eat well. Live well. Be happy.